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Automatically reconcile payments and produce instant reports for your accountant.

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Take Instant Payments with TactilePay QR Codes

Add products, services or even e-tickets to your TactilePay. Each item you add automatically creates an online page for you to give to customers or advertise, providing a unique link for them to purchase.

Alternatively, take instant payments without the need for a card machine, simply using your phone and the TactilePay app. Enter the amount being charged, and an instant QR Code will be displayed for your customer to scan, and make payment via credit / debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

How it works

Get started in 3 easy steps

Create your Invoice

TactilePay works with any invoice format, whether it’s from a hand written note, receipt, printed PDF or existing Accounts / CRM system. Not got any of those? No problem, TactilePay can even generate professional, branded PDF Invoices for you.


Send Invoice

Simply upload the invoice or create one with TactilePay. Enter who you're sending it to, and press send. The invoice will appear in the customers inbox.


Receive your payment!

Using the links in the e-mail TactilePay sent to your customer, they can pay via credit / debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. TactilePay will automatically mark the invoice as paid and notify you when payment is received.

What Makes TactilePay So Brilliant?

Benefit 1

Quick and Easy

TactilePay is a quick and easy solution for receiving money from your customers. It’s easy for them too, with one tap options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Our intuitive dashboard gives you instant access to all payments you’ve requested, whilst also giving you the ability to make a new request in seconds.

Benefit 2


Security is of the upmost importance with TactilePay.

There’s no need to worry as all payments are handled via a PCI Compliant Gateway with all data secured and encrypted.

Benefit 3

COVID Secure

Now is a better time than ever to utilise TactilePay.

Keep face to face contact to a minimum by sending invoices remotely, allowing for a Pay and Collect system. Ensuring you and your customers are as safe as possible.

Benefit 4

Multiple Payment Methods

Give your customers flexibility with TactilePay. Customers can pay via Google Pay, Apple Pay, Debit / Credit Card and BACS.

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