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How it works

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Create an Event

Create an event using the TactilePay app. Define the tickets you're selling, for how much, and how many are available.

TactilePay will automatically create a unique web page where you can direct customers to purchase tickets.


Sell Tickets

Using either the automatically created QR Code or link, customers can purchase tickets online using multiple payment methods.

Customers will receive their e-ticket via e-mail, with instructions.


Run the Event

Using TactilePay's built in e-ticket scanner, validate tickets upon entry using any mobile or tablet device with online connectivity.

TactilePay can also produce reports on your event, such as peak entry times, and number of people attended.

E-Ticketing Benefits

Benefit 1

No big fees

TactilePay has no setup or monthly fees, so you can create, host and run an event with e-tickets with no up-front cost. Simply pay a small transaction charge on each ticket sold (starting at 2%).

Benefit 2

Event Reporting

TactilePay logs ticket data in real-time. This includes the time of the ticket being scanned, what percentage of tickets were sold and used, how many sold tickets were not used and more.

Benefit 3


TactilePay E-Tickets removes the need to sell tickets face to face. Hook the system up to a turn style allowing event attendees in once they've scanned their ticket for complete contactless.

Benefit 4

Don't need a Website

TactilePay automatically provides you with a ticket web page, as well as a QR code allowing people to access it. No need to pay for expensive website plug-ins, amendments or bespoke work.

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